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Alternative Work Wardrobes

Posted by Helen Aikenhead ·

We've all seen big changes in the last few years in the workplace when it comes to what's appropriate.

Take menswear...the more formal suits have been replaced by a much more casual look.
It only follows that women in the workplace would adopt a more casual look as well.
Short of being in a courtroom representing a client or helping families in bereavement circumstances, there seems to be no need for the more formal look that a suit represents.
These days there are so many exciting new styles that can be put together for a work-appropriate look.

Take a line like Vancouver based, Sympli. This line is travel ready, washable, very comfortable and has no zippers! Start with a great sleeveless under-piece such as the Classic Go-To T, and add a knee-length or mid-calf length straight skirt. If skirts don't work for you, Sympli has many different styles to choose from. From there add a soft jacket like the Nu-urban Cardi or the longer Avenue Cardi. You now have a great 3-piece outfit. You can add the pants or skirt later, as needed. And if black isn't your thing, Sympli can be ordered in over 30 wonderful colours. Or if you want black, just throw a coloured piece under the jacket. All you need now is a lovely, soft scarf or a beautiful subtle piece of jewellery to complete your look.

Canadian designer Joseph Ribkoff also offers a collection of very appropriate workplace looks.
Start with a basic black pant (style #143105) and pair it with a basic under piece (style #163130). Joseph Ribkoff's gorgeous jackets offer the print and colour that go well over the basic black pieces.
If you prefer dresses, there are many great styles. And Joseph Ribkoff is available in size 2-22. So there's something for everyone.

And we can't forget the basic white shirt. There's nothing more professional looking than a crisp white shirt paired with a great pair of well-fitting pants or skirt. Foxcroft has a lovely collection of no-iron shirts and tunics which look fabulous with a nice vest or little jacket.

Our lives are so busy these days and having a no-fuss, great looking work wardrobe just makes your life so much easier. So have a good look in your closet and get rid of those pieces you never wear and start building a collection that you're proud and happy to be seen the office or after work!